How to Designate a Party Room in Your Home

If you’re a fan of social communes, you might want to consider adding a party room game idea to your home. This can be a dining room that’s been turned into a dance floor, or any other space that can become a social gathering spot.

Provide seating throughout the room to give guests the opportunity to chat and mingle. Also include conveniently located trash receptacles to keep the area clean.

Room layout

A party room can be a fun and exciting way to entertain your guests. However, it’s important to plan the room layout carefully. This will help you maximize your event’s engagement level and ensure that the space is functional for your family’s lifestyle.

Many people choose to build or remodel a living room, dining room, or additional den as their home party room. Regardless of the room used, it should be close to your kitchen and have enough space for guests to mingle. The room should also have plenty of windows to allow for natural lighting and environmental control.

For example, a settee or console table can serve as an easy-to-move hors d’oeuvre station or beverage bar. The room should also have convenient trash receptacles. If you’re planning on using the space for a party, it should also have a butt bucket to eliminate cigarette butts. This can be a simple metal container or pottery urn that you can place outside.


If entertaining is a regular feature of your life, you may want to designate a room in your home as the Party Room. Many homeowners build or remodel a dining area specifically for parties but also use living rooms, second dens and other areas of their homes for this purpose.

Movable furniture allows you to shift the seating arrangements according to the theme and number of guests. Opt for furniture with low-maintenance finishes that can handle spills and stains.

Coffee tables are tripping hazards for mingling crowds so move them away during the party to reduce the chances of accidents. Entertainment consoles can crowd mingling spaces, too, so put them out of the way for the duration of the bash.

Pillows provide additional sitting options for guests and complement the overall style of the room. Choose rounded pillows, which are less likely to create tripping hazards than square or rectangular pillows. The spatial Chinese design philosophy known as Feng Shui discourages angular furniture arrangements because they create what it calls “poison arrows,” which can restrict movement in mingling areas.


If you love to entertain, consider building or remodeling a room dedicated solely to your parties. If you don’t have that kind of space, a dining room or second living area can easily convert to a party place. Keep this room near the kitchen so you can easily serve food and drinks to your guests.

Use simple and inexpensive decorations to dress up your party room game idea for any occasion. For example, a birthday theme can be decorated by hanging banners that reference the guest of honor and arranging small flowers in glass vases. Wildflowers are inexpensive and can add a natural, farmers market vibe to your celebration.

Using paper or fabric, you can also create easy backdrops to frame photos and tablescapes. If you’re planning a party for an anniversary, you can decorate with wedding photos or images that fit your theme. If you’re not comfortable putting holes in your walls, hang your decor with string or ribbon.


Lighting is arguably the single most influential factor when it comes to creating a party atmosphere. It creates ambiance, sets the mood & funnels guests to areas of your party at the right moment.

Switch out those ugly overhead lights for something more fun – wireless rechargeable battery-operated LED uplights offer remote controlled colour choices and dimmer options for the perfect look. Position these underneath draping or above buffet tables. Gobo’s are a great way to add a personal touch – they are little metal disks that sit within a special lighting unit and can be projected onto string curtains, down banqueting tables or across walls and floors.

Uplighting can also be used to highlight areas of your room or to make specific items stand out like a cake or dance floor. It’s all about how your lighting designer/programer blends these elements into your overall design. A wristband or lanyard system can also be employed at your event to trigger pre-programmed effects for the ultimate party atmosphere.

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