Galls Combat Gear – Keep Your Head in the Game

Whether you’re an active duty service member or just preparing for the zombie apocalypse, having the right gear can help you keep your head in the game. From camouflage shirts to tactical backpacks, Galls has the Combat Gear you need.

A thicker level of body armour that prevents penetration from rifle rounds. Often found on Kevlar shields.

Pen Pockets

In a fight, you can’t rely on getting to your pockets for anything – especially not your pen. That’s why some people choose to use tactical pens. These pens are not only a writing instrument, but also contain self-defense, escape and hand-to-hand combat weapons.

In addition, they’re inconspicuous. They look like a normal pen and can be used openly without looking dangerous (unlike knives, which are generally illegal in non-permissive areas). Additionally, they require less training to use compared to other weapons.

One advantage of a tactical pen is that it’s easier to reach than a pocket knife or a gun, because you can get it out of the front pocket of your pants. However, you still need to have a good grip on it to prevent it from accidentally falling off your shoulder in an assault or other fast-moving scenario. The best way to keep a pen handy is to get a tactical pen pouch, such as the Episode Leather Pen Pocket. This case fits over the shoulder loops of OCP uniforms and is a great place to store your tactical pen.

Shoulder Pockets

Shoulder pockets are a great way to keep your chosen tools for communication and documenting the outside world within reach. Designed to mate perfectly with the shoulder strap daisy chains found on our packs, they are roomy enough for most modern cell phones and GPS units.

They can also be used for things like keys, water filtration drops, map books, snacks, mittens, headlamp, sunscreen and a pack towel. The main pocket also has a small exterior mesh pocket sized for ID cards, a flashlight or a compass.

They attach easily to any pack with a shoulder strap daisy chain using the included top and bottom Z-clips, with a velcro strap that wraps around the shoudler strap to stabilize them and reduce bouncing. However, they may add noticeable bulk to your pack. And if you’re carrying heavy loads, they may be an uncomfortable burden that requires you to swing your bag back and forth to access contents.

Reinforced Elbows

The elbows of a combat shirt can take quite the beating. Combat shirts often include reinforced fabric at the elbows to fight both normal wear and tear as well as the rigours of combat. This is particularly important for MMA or Muay Thai practitioners who throw elbow strikes at full force. The consequences of missing an elbow strike can be horrendous, so fighters need to be able to practise them without worrying about injury.

The elbow pads of some combat shirts can be adjusted using an elastic Velcro flap. This allows the pads to fit tightly around the elbow and stay in place. The fabric is also breathable and does not restrict movement. A study has been conducted to evaluate the use of composite materials for reinforcement of large-diameter elbows on pipelines. The results showed that the stress levels were well below designated design stresses considering both bending loads and cyclic pressures. This provides great reassurance that the elbows will not be easily broken under strain.

Torso Fabric

Torso fabric is a lightweight, breathable fabric that is perfect for military uniforms. It can be infused with anti-odor technology to keep service members fresh and comfortable. Additionally, it can be made waterproof to protect against rain and other harsh environmental conditions.

Military personnel face many challenges, including navigating hostile terrain, learning weapons training and de-escalating conflict situations. As such, they require fabrics that are capable of protecting them from both normal wear and tear and the rigors of combat.

For example, the sleeves of a Combat Gear shirt are typically made from a 50% nylon / 50% cotton ripstop blend that is tough and abrasion-resistant. In addition, this material is flame resistant to provide protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs). This material is also ideal for accommodating a soldier’s body armor. Similarly, the elbows of a combat shirt are reinforced to fight against normal wear and tear as well as the rigors of battle.

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