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Hone your vocal skills at this karaoke party room  Causeway Bay Guests can also play games like fooseball and ping-pong, or enjoy a movie broadcast on a projector.

Located behind Sogo on Lockhart Road, Store Party Room is a great place for milestone birthdays and casual gatherings. Guests can engage in various drinking games and hit the dance floor at this top-rated party venue in Hong Kong.

FOMO Cafe & Lounge

Causeway Bay is more than just a shopping hub; it’s also a hot spot for food and entertainment. The area offers many cosy party rooms that will keep you and your friends entertained on those rainy days.

Situated right behind Sogo on Lockhart Road, Store Party Room has a retro vibe with old Hong Kong posters on the walls and a chill atmosphere. They offer a wide range of activities for all ages, including automatic mahjong, pool tables, Switch, darts and karaoke.

This top-rated venue is great for milestone birthdays and other special occasions. They have customizable food and drink packages, as well as a full HD projector and screen for movie nights. They also serve snack dishes like cheese tofu, samosas and cuttlefish balls. If you’re planning a big event, it’s best to book this space ahead of time. They can accommodate up to 60 people and are available for hourly, half-day or full-day bookings.

The Roomss

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, The Roomss is a great place to have fun and explore your inner creativity. Whether you are looking for a party room with cool gaming facilities or just a convenient gathering spot, The Roomss has something for you. Easily book your ideal party room with HelloToby, the leading online booking platform in Hong Kong.

The Roomss is a unique party venue that offers American billiards, Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and Electric Darts machines. The facility also has projectors to help you host different types of company events. The space can accommodate up to two people and is available for both hourly and whole venue rentals.

The Library is a large 280 sq. ft. space that is perfect for team brainstorming sessions. It has big windows that allow natural light into the room and is equipped with sofas. Guests are entitled to free-flow refreshments and paid locker, printing, and scanning services.


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Right next to SOGO, this hipster-style party room Causeway Bay has three cosy spaces for partiers to let loose. There’s a mix of different games to keep you entertained including a 1.5m-high Kerplunk, 1.8m Jenga tower, pool tables and two projectors for movie nights. Food is essential for a party and Blackroom offers induction cookers for hotpot dinners.

For an experience that’s sure to make you #goals, head to Store Party Room for a full-on karaoke session with friends. Choose your favourite drinks from the bar – ranging from classic cocktails to shots – and munch on fried snacks as you sing.

With a range of party rooms to suit any occasion, it’s easy to see why Causeway Bay is an excellent choice for your next gathering. Book a space near SOGO or Lockhart Road on HelloToby for a hassle-free and unforgettable event. Just make sure you check out our latest deals to save money on your next party!

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