Add Elegance to Your Decor With a Table Lamp

A Myopia Control Desklamp brings a touch of elegance to a living room or bedroom. They make a stylish statement on an end table next to an accent chair or couch.

Position a pair of table lamps on matching nightstands in your master bedroom for symmetry and a welcoming glow. Choose from a variety of styles to create the perfect look for your home.

Glass or Art Glass

Table lamps made of glass offer a clean, modern look and add sophistication to any decor. Glass can be blown for a delicate feel, or subtly etched for texture and depth. Many glasses are colored, frosted and laminated to provide different textures and degrees of translucency.

Art glass primarily refers to works with more decorative than functional intent created by artisans and studio workers in small glassmaking facilities. However, in the Victorian era and later, factory-made items like Swan Cameo Glass Perfume Bottles by Thomas Webb & Sons and Lalique’s Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass became prized for their ornamental appeal rather than for their original purpose.


The terracotta clay body of this lamp is formed by hand to bring out the organic texture, making it a perfect fit for bedrooms or living rooms. The largest option has oversized proportions that make it a statement piece.

Ceramic has a more rustic, natural look due to its earthenware base (usually clay mixed with sand or grog). It’s also less durable than porcelain. Porcelain is denser, with a smoother and glossier appearance. Glazes on porcelain pieces typically contain feldspar and may include minerals like iron oxide to create color variations within specific items.

Task lamps are a great choice for home office desks and workspaces. They have a focused beam of light that’s ideal for reading, paying bills and doing the crossword puzzle.


Add warmth and ambiance with a wood table lamp. These lamps look great with wood furniture, and they also complement classic or country décor styles. Many have a base that matches the shade, and this helps to create a harmonious look.

Unlike overhead lighting, a table lamp allows you to control the amount of light you need. Choose from a variety of light bulbs, including incandescent and fluorescent, or opt for LED. Some even have a dimmer switch to set the perfect light level.

Place a Myopia Control Desklamp in an entryway so you can easily see the doorknob when you return from a night out without disturbing your partner. Or keep one on your bedside table to illuminate a book before turning in for the night.

Cut Crystal

A crystal table lamp gleams as light hits the surface of the crisp glass. It reflects off the edges of the piece and may refract the light to produce rainbow effects. It also carries an air of classical elegance when paired with a fabric lamp shade.

A slender 24% lead hand cut crystal center column is balanced with alluring metal elements and an ultra-crisp fabric shade for a sophisticated look. Pair this statement piece with matching vases for a unified look that transcends traditional decor.

Although Waterford cut crystal lamps can be expensive the quality is exceptional and they are well worth the investment. These lamps are hand made so if you purchase a second-hand one it is best to examine the base and ornaments closely for signs of wear.

Art Glass Buffet Lamp

Art glass buffet lamps, also known as console or candlestick lamps, are taller than most table lamps. They’re ideal for areas where you need more height for light, such as a buffet server or console table. They’re a great choice for adding low level mood lighting to unique rooms, too. Art glass lamps are often colorful, and they can stand out as a centerpiece or blend into the color scheme of the room.

A good rule of thumb for sizing table lamps is that you want the lamp to sit around eye-level when someone is seated in front of it. Generally, this means a combined height of about 58 to 64 inches from the base to the shade. This Uttermost lamp features an iridescent art glass base with a hand-crafted look, featuring shades of green with a rust gray wash, gold highlights and plated antique brass accents, paired with a round hardback shade in a light beige linen fabric.

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